Book Review: The Savior, J.R. Ward

a dynamic, fast-paced, racy tale that left me wondering where the vampires are really hanging out.

My Goodreads opinion featured in the sidebar menu mentions that I am late to the J. R. Ward party, and well, I’m really just late to the vampire party in general. Or perhaps I’m early, if you believe the elusive ones are on the upswing again as subject matter. Either way, I am a huge fan of the adult world of vampires— the more darkness, secrets, chiseled features, repressed emotions, and mind powers the better. That being said, for current fans of The Black Dagger Brotherhood series, The Savior is another installment in a well-loved series; for me it was an introduction to exactly where I want to be.

The first thing I noticed was Ms. Ward’s writing style—it’s in-your-face, direct, extremely realistic in dialogue, and sensual. After my inner voice adjusted to it (in the first three pages), I actually breathed a sigh of relief and said (out loud) “Holy shit! She writes like I think! I love this!” I flew through the first seventy-five pages and spent the rest of the book finding enough time to be able to read large portions. I couldn’t just do small bits, I needed to get into the New York winter the story was set in and stay for a while.

Even though it is the seventeenth in the series, The Savior was easily consumed as a standalone book. It was obvious many of the other Brothers have history I was unaware of, but it did not hinder my engagement with the Murhder and his tale, or detract from the story line for me. In fact, I like the idea that each Brother has his own book (so it seems), and that if I ever wish I can go back and read them. A perfect construction of a series to keep an author writing and employed once their audience is hooked.

The hierarchy and structure of the underground world the vampires move in was outlined and described more than adequately throughout the book without big informative paragraphs. I am always intrigued by plots that have their own languages, naming systems, pronunciations, and genealogies, and Ms. Ward has developed several of these threads throughout the series. For me, it just enhances the imaginative experience of “getting into the world” of the book, something that is at the very top of my list when it comes to entertaining my overactive brain. Reading is definitely how I lose myself and relax; my imagination craves room to roam and The Savior indulged it fully.

Murhder and the human Sarah’s paths cross at critical points in each of their lives. Both have experienced traumatic loss and need that last nudge to lift them out of the meager existences they have been trapped in. Well-crafted character arcs take them from their low points, back into feeling alive and fulfilled, and into the resolution of the plot. Suffused with undercurrents of political machination, dark vampiric activities, mind magic, huge male tempers and egos, hot, erotic sex, and current scientific topics, J. R. Ward spins a dynamic, fast-paced, racy tale that left me wondering where the vampires are really hanging out. ‘Cause if they are here, I wanna be one. Sign me up, I’m in!~

*Hardcover image source Hardcover publisher Gallery Books, April 2019.

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