In the flowers in the sun again…

What to say about myself? Well, the title of this blog includes three of my favorite things- the Sun, books, and dogs (of which I have three). This New England-born farmgirl has always lived in tune with the seasons—lamenting the loss of the Sun during the cold winters, and absorbing as much as possible through every pore the rest of the year. If I could have chlorophyll in my veins, I would (truly! Imagine what I could do with that instant energy!), but instead I will do the next best thing—I’ll write a book with a main character who does <wink>. As you may expect, horticulture and landscape design flow easily from somewhere deep within my core, still making up a large part of my day even as I continue shifting my focus toward writerly activities.

Of course, my mentor the Moon must be terribly disappointed in this Sun-loving behavior, since she saw fit to bless my birth as an Aquarius in the dead of winter with her fullest aspect. But under the pure white light of the Moon, I have spent many evenings following the stars and wishing I knew all that they do. Which, logically, leads me to books and reading. Many times those books in my hands are taking me on fantastical journeys, but learning in general does satisfy something else fundamental within. I’m always on the lookout for something new to research, and I love to know.

My canine pals (two Aussie shepherds and an Akita) keep me company, teaching me daily about simplicity and observation. They also keep me active, along with a few nights a week playing “the beautiful game” of soccer. Mornings begin early with walks and tending to the large flock of chickens and turkeys and the smaller herd of beef cattle we have on our family farm. There really never is a quiet moment. I attend concerts as much as I can when bands of interest are around, and if U2 is touring, I am present in the front row as many times as possible; travel is never out of the question. Their music resonates on a soul-deep level with me, I never feel as euphoric as I do when I am at their shows. It’s a craving that goes years between satisfactions, but is worth every moment of waiting.

Travelling in general is another passion of mine, I have a list miles long of places to visit, and I revel in the memories of where I have been. The esoteric side of me also delves into the studies of astrology and numerology frequently, despite my largely logical approach to life in general. All of these things I embrace and foster as what drives me everyday, into the Sun’s sustaining light and under the Moon’s watchful eye. The Sun is never far, a book is always at hand, and a dog is always right nearby. Yes, that is I.~